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North Carolina Gold Belt is where Lost Dutchman's Vein Mountain Camp is waiting for you.

Anne Gets Her Dig On

“Woo-hoo . . . woo-hoo!”

 That was the reaction when Anne (from GPAA Membership Services) was asked if she wanted to participate in the Digger’s Dirt Party hosted at LDMA Vein Mountain Camp this past October.

 “YES! Yes, I want to go to the Dirt Party!” was her answer when queried if she wanted to go experience what other participants experience.

READY SET GOLD! 2020 Events Unleashed

OMG! 2020 is going to be a gold pounding quest where more people will have the chance to participate in the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) National events.

READY SET GOLD!      2020 Events Unleashed
So Many Choices . . .

So Many Choices . . .

As we enter 2020, many people make their “New Year’s Resolutions” and “Goals” for the year. After all, if you don’t make a plan, and especially write them down, they will soon be forgotten. Personal, financial, health, and of course . . . TRAVEL! 

MAYHEM in the Desert! Making Dust & Gitt’N GOLD

Do you have what it takes to gear up and help Kick Some . . .  Open a Can of Whoop  . . . participate? You will walk away with GOLD!

Have you been dreaming about mining for some serious gold? Using BIG equipment to run more material? Here is your chance! Get ready for a week-long gold adventure (or do multiple weeks) with experienced gold prospectors to guide you to wild unearthed riches. This Expedition is set in the heart of an Arizona Motherlode. The desert area is rich in gold and beauty.

MAYHEM in the Desert!        Making Dust & Gitt’N GOLD
Jewels in the Rough

Jewels in the Rough

“There's something about coming back to a place you know you'll love,” says Robert. “If certain members had a great time at a destination, they want to return because they're confident they'll have a good time. They've discovered certain activities, local allure and people and experiences they'll enjoy there. Gold is all over!”

Up The Creek - Thief of Pickers Revealed

How would you feel if you were running good gold bearing material, and not getting any pickers when you are in material known to have pickers? The material tests proved it only days before. Now, the fines were great, but where did the pickers go?

Up The Creek - Thief of Pickers Revealed
Uncovering the Disorders of a Prospector

Uncovering the Disorders of a Prospector

Yes, we all say, when I have time one weekend, I’m going to run the buckets and get my gold. I know it’s in them. Or better yet, “When winter comes, and I can’t go prospecting, I’ll do all my cleanups. It will give me something to do.”