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North Carolina Gold Belt is where Lost Dutchman's Vein Mountain Camp is waiting for you.

Anne Gets Her Dig On

“Woo-hoo . . . woo-hoo!”

 That was the reaction when Anne (from GPAA Membership Services) was asked if she wanted to participate in the Digger’s Dirt Party hosted at LDMA Vein Mountain Camp this past October.

 “YES! Yes, I want to go to the Dirt Party!” was her answer when queried if she wanted to go experience what other participants experience.

Gold Bonding with My Boys

If you like dredging for gold, there’s nothing like getting in the water and working an area down to the bedrock. Hoping that gold is resting peacefully there for you to suck up. It’s always an adventure, and you never know what you will find.
Gold Bonding with My Boys