Since being established in 1976, the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association (or LDMA for short) has been providing gold mining & campgrounds where men, women, and their families can enjoy the vast outdoors, meeting new friends, and prospecting for gold, gems, and hidden treasures.

Where Is LDMA?

From warm deserts to fog-shrouded timber to rushing rivers or dry valleys, the LDMA provides campgrounds and prospecting locales all year round. Members are welcome to call our properties "home" for a day, a weekend, or up to six months before "moving on down the road."


Beginning with one historic gold property, Italian Bar in California’s Mother Lode, the LDMA now has an ever-growing number of private properties and claims in several states including California, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon and South Carolina. Lost Dutchman’s private camps are located among some of the finest gold reserves for prospecting and outdoor beauty in this country.

LDMA Is Family Oriented!

Family Fun in the great outdoors, hundreds of years of prospecting knowledge and practical mining tips and techniques are freely demonstrated at nearly every LDMA camp by the more experienced members. Treasure Hunters and Rock Hounds listen up: LDMA members routinely turn up treasures like old coins, jewelry, gem stones, old bottles, and artifacts at these historic mining properties.


Along with all the camping, fishing, geocaching, hiking, photography, astronomy, ATV/UTV trails and campfire sing-along’s, our nature loving LDMA members tell us the best thing about being a part of the organization are the friendships formed lasting many, many years!

Golden Memories That Lasts a Lifetime!

A Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association membership is something special; something that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come!