Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the Top 10 most frequently asked questions people ask about Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) Lifetime membership:


Who is covered by my membership?

Rights of Membership extend to spouse and any dependent children under 18 years of age living in the same household. Primary Member must be present at all times in order for others to exercise Rights of Membership. The LDMA Membership does not allow the membership to be separated whereas another family member can have its own set of individual benefits.

Can I bring any guests?

LDMA Member may have up to four (4) guests. While on LDMA Properties/Claims all guests are required to sign a “Liability Waiver” when checking in at the camp office.

      • An additional daily charge for guests will be required above current campsite fees at all camps while guests are using additional camping space(s) (Car, Truck, RV, Trailer, Tents, etc.) and/or facilities.
      • Guests are limited to a total of three (3) days at LDMA Properties; after that, the guests must join the LDMA to continue to stay on LDMA property.
      • Guests are limited to panning only or working with host member on their prospecting equipment.
      • Guests’ privileges are not to be abused; the caretaker has the authority to limit Guest privileges. Guest must have medical/accident insurance while on property. Guest must check-in with the Caretaker.
      • For special circumstance regarding Guest and/or Length of Stay: Special permission must be obtained and approved through the Caretaker and LDMA National Office for any guest stays exceeding the approved three (3) day limit.

Is the LDMA membership transferable?

If “Add-On Transferability” was purchased and “transferability” box was selected, LDMA membership interest CAN be transferred at any time, if membership is in good standing. Any membership balance outstanding will also be transferred and become the obligation of the new membership account holder. Transfer guidelines must be followed. There is a fee assessed to the transferee.

Are there any facilities?

Each LDMA property has its own uniqueness, and you should always be prepared to be self-contained, but many LDMA properties have restrooms, showers, dump stations and water. See individual camp page for more details.


Reservations are accepted at all LDMA Camps. Call the Camp Office to secure your reservation. When requesting a reservation, you will pay a reservation fee along with a deposit to secure your site. The deposit portion that is collected will be applied towards your stay. Reservations are not mandatory. You still can drive in and sites are available on a first come first serve basis (if a reservation has not secured the site you are interested in).

Can I camp on the properties and for how long can I stay?

LDMA Properties are classified for temporary camping and recreational use only. Members can utilize the LDMA properties throughout the operating season with a maximum up to (6) six consecutive months on any LDMA property/camp at which time they are required to vacate the camp for (6) six consecutive months before returning to the previous occupied property/camp. Member may move to another LDMA property/camp and stay up to (6) six consecutive months. *Stay limits can vary on some properties due to State/County Regulations.

Are there camping fees to camp on LDMA properties?

Yes, and they are amongst the lowest of any camping/RV club. Dry camping is $3 per day, and depending on camp, hook-up sites range from $8 - $15 per night. There are discounts for long term stays (1+ & 4+ months).

Day use?

LDMA members can have access to properties for day use if not camping overnight. You must sign in and out at the camp office. There is a daily use fee. Membership must be in good standing, and not over your six months stay at a particular camp.

Does the LDMA have Annual Dues, and do the ever go up?

Yes, LDMA does have Annual Dues and is amongst the lowest of any camping/RV club. You are locked into the current rate, so when they are raised for future new members, you are not affected.

10-Day Guarantee Period

Try out the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association, if it’s not for you, you can cancel and get a full refund if the LDMA is notified of intent to cancel. There is no obligation nor are you bound to continue your membership payments. Send “Intent to Cancel membership” by email to or written cancelation request by certified mail, return receipt requested, to LDMA-Au, P.O. Box 891479, Temecula, CA 92589, posted no later than midnight of the 10th calendar day following the day on which the contract was signed by Member. Certain restrictions may apply.


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