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Lost Dutchman's Magazine is an adventure in and of itself. Sharing the journeys of our club members, we take readers on an educational, exhilarating ride through camping, mining,

and the great outdoors. Lost Dutchman's Magazine is at the forefront of digital influence. We aim to be at the top of outdoor hobbyists charts

and in the homes of hundreds of thousands of avid nature-lovers all across America.

Our writers bring unique expertise, humor, and reverence to the foreground through award-winning coverage on the people, places, events, adventures, discoveries,

and accomplishments of our club members and beyond.

Lost Dutchman's Magazine challenges readers to get inspired and actively participate in the vast world outdoors. We wish to promote health, fitness, relaxation, travel,

and overall enjoyment of the natural world that many have forgotten.

We deliver the best in gold prospecting, camping, and outdoor adventures. We would love for you to be part of it.

Lost Dutchman’s Magazine is focused on sharing the adventures of the great outdoors, camping

and the hidden treasures and gold that hides In-The-Dirt!


From The Editor

Life is supposed to be an adventure...so head to camp and start
enjoying your escape from everyday life!

- Dominic Ricci - Editor In Chief



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