Dirt Party • Duisenburg • Nov 2 - 7 2021

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**When signing up for this Dirt Party, please provide a valid phone number and email address so we can verify your registration.

Get ready to get dirty, have a ton of fun, and git some GOLD!

Your GPAA-LDMA National Dirt Party: 5-Day Common Dig is just around the bend. Dirt Party Participants will be working for their gold split at the end of the outing. All gold recovered during the operation is split between the participants. Work hard and Digger may enhance your final split.

Dirt Parties are much more than just recovering gold. It’s family and friendship! You will often hear the “ol timers” share their stories and experiences about “the club.” I’ll encourage you to partake, and listen at any campfire . . . the entertainment, history and knowledge is always a hoot!

Whether you’re just getting started in gold prospecting on the weekends or you’re a seasoned “sourdough” veteran in the dirt for years, the common dig operation, seminars, hands-on instruction and activities offered during these five-day events will help you get the “In-The-Dirt” experience, fun and adventure for you and your whole family... plus some gold too!

As a Dirt Party Participant, you will receive a vial with a picker or two in it as a “thank you” from LDMA, as well as a black sand dirt bag that has a split of the gold recovered from the common operation.

***Cancellation Policy***

The Registrar By Date for this Dirt Party is 7 days prior to the event start date.


No Cancelation Refunds for any reason after “Registrar By Date” for the Outing you registered for. No Shows will forfeit any participant/registration fees paid and/or utilization of a FREE Outing give-a-way. If you are unable to participate at the Outing you had registered for, you MUST notify the GPAA-LDMA office prior to the “Registrar by Date” in order to receive a refund/transfer to another National Outing for any monies paid, minus a $25 (per person) Cancelation fee. We will not hold a credit for future National Outings. GPAA-LDMA does not issue Cancelation Refunds of any nature after the published “Register by Date.” for the National Outing you have registered for.


Also, be aware that if you are unable to complete the full term of your GPAA-LDMA National Outing for any reason while at the GPAA-LDMA National Outing, that you will not be refunded for any or all unused part(s) of the scheduled GPAA-LDMA National Outing.