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Lost Dutchman's Mining Association


What Is LDMA?

The Lost Dutchman's Mining Association is the most exclusive gold prospecting association in the world! We provide member access to properties all over the nation for RV parking and camping. As an LDMA member you and your family are welcome to visit any of these locations, meet new people and stay a while prospecting the rich gold-bearing lands exclusive to you and other LDMA members. As a member, any gold you find on our properties is yours to keep!

The History of LDMA

The Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association was founded by George, Wilma, Perry and Tom Massie in 1976 to provide places where men, women and their families could meet, prospect and mine for gold. Beginning with one historic gold property, Italian Bar in California’s Mother Lode, the LDMA now has an ever growing number of private properties and claims in several states including California, Oregon, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Lost Dutchman’s private camps are located among some of the finest gold reserves and prospecting in this country.

How Do We Choose Properties?

One of the most important considerations when new properties are being evaluated for the LDMA is their gold-producing potential. Exhaustive tests are made in the area to ensure that Lost Dutchman’s members will have continued access to proven gold reserves. Members in past years have reported finding anything from a few flakes of gold to some very large nuggets on our properties so you can be sure that gold has been found at the property you are staying!

What Do I Get?

LDMA members can prospect and/or camp on deeded, patented properties such as Stanton, Arizona, a gold rush town north of Phoenix. Or, there’s our Scott River property, deep in the lush forests of northern California, where fog often drifts through the trees. The Klamath River itself provides gold-rich gravels in an unbelievably beautiful setting. An LDMA membership is something that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

How Long Is My Membership Good For?

Your Lost Dutchman's Mining Association membership will last you a lifetime! All LDMA memberships are lifetime memberships in both the LDMA and GPAA. This also means that you can stay at one of the many LDMA properties and bring your family along without having to worry about membership expiration.



***After we receive payment, your membership will require execution of a basic contract. A member relations specialist will contact you to initiate the docu-sign process. If you do not agree to the terms & conditions, we will refund your payment in full.

***Initial Payment - When choosing the Down Payment option, you will be required to sign up for automatic payments at $40/month ($30 toward your membership balance and $10 toward your ongoing maintenance dues). Your initial balance after your down payment will be $4,400. There will be no interest or finance charges.

***All LDMA memberships require maintenance dues at $10/month.